Beat the Heat With Ice-Cold Sweet Treats At Our Smoothies Shop

Cool off with a frozen fruit cup in Temple, TX

When the Temple, TX heat hits hard, you want something cold and refreshing to help you beat the heat. Come to Tamarindos Ice Cream and Snacks for frozen treats that will hit the spot. We have everything from frozen fruit cups to snow cones.

Whether you want a delicious fruit cocktail or a fresh smoothie, our shop is the place to be.

What types of treats do we serve?

In addition to our authentic Hispanic cuisine, we love offering sweet, cold desserts for our customers to enjoy - especially during the summer months. We have a full selection of treats for you to choose from, including...

  • Frozen fruit cocktails
  • Frozen fruit cups
  • Smoothies
  • Mangonadas
  • Auga frescas
  • Snow cones

Our Hispanic restaurant and smoothie shop is the best place to cool off in the Texas heat. Visit Tamarindos Ice Cream and Snacks today.