Treat Yourself to a Delicious Banana Split

Stop by Tamarindos Ice Cream and Snacks in Temple, TX

There's something satisfying about ending your day with something sweet. Tamarindos Ice Cream and Snacks has Hispanic-inspired sweet treats, curating our menu with everything from banana splits and ice cream with toppings to chamoy. You can order these to finish your meal or stop by specifically for dessert.

Whether you order a banana split or one of our spicy fruit dishes, you'll fall in love with our family recipes. Come to our local restaurant in Temple, TX today.

A twist on all the classics

At Tamarindos Ice Cream and Snacks, we love combining classic Hispanic flavors with our favorite sweet treats. We can...

  • Use fresh fruit to make delicious chamoy for mangonadas
  • Put together flights of ice cream with toppings like Hispanic cookies and sprinkles
  • Make tajin-covered fruit for a spicy twist on your favorite sweet treats

Serving authentic Hispanic food brings us joy. Learn more about our available menu items by visiting our restaurant today.